The Importance of Working Equally with a Culturally Diverse Classroom Essays

The Importance of Working Equally with a Culturally Diverse Classroom Essays

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As a future educator it’s important to understand that diversity will be seen in classrooms. As a result, it’s the educator’s role to become cultural competence, which is the ability to successfully teach students who come from cultures other than your own. Diversity can be different types of race, religions, gender, languages, customs, and culture. Teachers need to see all their students equal regardless of their diversity and culture background. This course helped shape my character and broaden my views toward other cultures. I had many memorable experiences due to taking this course.
The most valuable learning experience in the class discussions was on the discussion regarding how teachers work with American Indian, Alaska Native, Irish, African American and Latino/a students. I learn that teachers need to be culturally responsive to students from different cultures. It is the teachers’ job to understand their historical information, principles, and how they both tie to teaching them. I also learned that the types of materials are important when using them in the classroom, due to the fact that some materials go against with student’s culture, which is why teachers need to be cultural competence. This made an impact on me because I didn’t full recognize that there are special limitations that are dealt with student’s cultures. Another class discussion impacted me on how many individuals view the Hispanic cultural context. There were individuals who thought migration of Hispanics affected the economy of the United States for the worst and some for the best. Their opinions in a way bothered me because it dealt with my cultural background.
Two specific class activities’ that were memorable and affected me were the wordle and the...

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...m choices will be varied and given to students in order to help them grasp the material. I will provide different curriculum choices to my students because all students have different learning styles and view information differently. There are many ways of working with students and families for example; teachers can plan certain activities where parents can participate in so they are aware of what their children are learning. Teachers can also ask parents to volunteer and if they refuse, teachers can ask them why and help them find solutions. Educators can also set up meetings with students and parents to talk about their culture and experiences that way they feel more comfortable around them.
Overall. I enjoyed taking this course! I have benefited tremendously from completing assignments, watching films, and reading both Cultural Competence and A Different Mirror.

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