The Importance Of Winning Just One State By One Vote Can Not Be Understated

The Importance Of Winning Just One State By One Vote Can Not Be Understated

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All of these states have a winner take all system where the winner of the popular vote in each state takes all of the electoral votes except for maine and nebraska. In nebraska and maine the winner of the popular statewide vote gets two votes and the remaining 2 votes are deciding
by the winner of each congressional district in the state. These states are heavily analyzed and studied by the campaigns running for the office of president.

The united states of america stands for the very definition of its name. It is a country full of united states with the keyword being states. The electoral college embodies this view of states coming together united to elect a leader of the nation. The linguistics of the electoral college forces campaigns to focus on states instead of a full on nationalist approach. The importance of winning just one state by one vote cannot be understated. Jonathan paul reiterates this in his article “insert article name”. He shows examples of president elections that were determined by just one states and in some cases elections that were determined by a few hundred votes. In the case of the 2000 election one of the most contested election in history, george bush won the presidency by defeating al gore in the state of florida by a meager 538 votes. In 1876 Samuel j tilden lost the presidency by 445 votes in the state of south carolina. In 1884, james g blaine fell short of winning the presidency by only 524 votes in new york. Also worth mentioning that the election was decided by one state in the 2004 election (Ohio), the 1976 election (Texas), the 1880 election (New York), the 1848 election (Pennsylvania),
the 1840 election (New York), the 1812 election (Virginia or Pennsylvania), the 1800 election (Maryland...

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...rout model was correct not an obama 08 model

Looking back there were some similarities and things that you usually see during elections. Both campaigns spent money on the usual tv ads, ground campaigning, etc. Clinton outspent trump in almost every category. Clinton spent a whopping 961.1 million to trump 's 531 million. This money was widely distribute over the states aforementioned. But there were two amazing things that happened that are very distinct and will be remembered in this election. The first is how trump controlled and got over 1 billion in free media. He controlled the airways and the press whether it was bad or good his name was always on the news. He also used social media to advantage and especially twitter. The other big discrepancy is the rate in which starting from the convention trump visited more times in wide majority then clinton. Since the

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