The Importance Of Vitamins And Its Effects On Children Essay

The Importance Of Vitamins And Its Effects On Children Essay

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Some people think that the only reason that vitamins exist are to help those people who have diseases and deficiency. Vitamins are especially helpful for these types of people, but this is not the only reason people should take them. Nobody is perfect, and gaps are apparent in everyday diets which makes a vitamin seem like the perfect fix. Vitamins are not prescribed for the most part, although in some cases they are. If someone is pregnant or nursing, suffering from a lack of a certain nutrient dramatically, or if they are a vegetarian, a doctor may recommend taking a supplement to ensure safety. Although these are prescribed, they are not a medicine that will fix something. "Unlike medicines, supplements cannot claim to cure, treat or prevent a disease" (Contie). This means that having a deficiency causes
Of course, critics claim, food is the only way to receive all the nutrients needed to fuel the body, but what happens when the foods being taken in aren 't what the body needs? Being an athlete I know how important it is to receive all the nutrients I need to perform my best. Vitamins are a huge component in helping convert food into energy. With more physical activity being asserted, comes excessive amounts of sweat being released and calories being burned. Due to this, athletes needs more food than other people that aren 't doing physical activity. Food intake may also differ due to age, gender, and weight. Taking a multivitamin may insure that you are receive all the nutrients needed along with the food you are eating to maintain energy levels and fuel the body for the activity being performed. Dietary supplements are called supplements for a reason. The word supplement means supplementing something else, or adding on, like...

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...hese not being regulated, there are many concerns surrounding them (Dahl). For the most part, most vitamins being taken are regulated by the FDA, and if they are not, a health care provider will suggest changing the vitamin being consumed and change to a regulated vitamin to ensure that the person is receiving the nutrients that they are aiming for. However, this does not mean that vitamins are not helpful.
In my experience, I have encountered my family taking vitamins as long as I can remember. My dad has always taken a multivitamin to ensure he is getting all his nutrients, and I recently started to take one also. Vitamins are an incredible tool and, when used correctly, can help maintain good health in kids, teens, and adults who are either struggling to receive their nutrients or just looking to help themselves by filling in the gaps not being provided for.

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