The Importance Of Verbal And Nonverbal Communication Essay

The Importance Of Verbal And Nonverbal Communication Essay

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Presenting skills are very hard skills for me to master because of my low self confidence. In class, we discussed the main points that are supposed to be practiced during a presentation. These main points consist of verbal communication, nonverbal communication and practice. These skills will help me to present in different classes and will also be a good skill to have when I start my career. Having presenting skills will also help me as a business student. It gives me an idea of the confidence I will have to build in order to be able to present and not just in front of a class room but a conference room or even an auditorium. This will also help me in my business career because in social work I will have to present ideas and advocate for those who can not advocate for themselves. Although I have presented before there are certain areas that I still have to work on in both verbal and nonverbal communication.
Verbal communication is an important part of every day life, especially when presentations are involved. Verbal communication includes, speaking clearly and loudly, using proper language and speaking at a normal pace. I usually am fine when using proper language, but I fall short in the area of speaking clearly and loudly as well as speaking in a normal pace. These are issues I have because of how self conscience I get when I have to present in front of a crowd. This is why practice is so important. About four days before I had to present I would practice with my friends about what I was going to say and how I was going to say it. This helped, and my verbal communication did not suffer any of these problems, but I did seem to have an issue with my nonverbal communication.


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my verbal and nonverbal communication. Presenting is an important part of social work because when social workers are talking about placement or the services of a client and they need to present them to the board, in order to get approval. If I go in without knowledge of how to present I will not have a good enough case to get the clients the services that they need.
In order to achieve being a better presenter I am going to have to practice presenting. I will be practicing more on my nonverbal then my verbal but I will also start looking for audiences that may be bigger such as my whole dorm or may be even some of my family members. I will also make sure to watch how fast I talk so that I am not speeding like a race horse. I want to get better at presenting so, not only will I have more confidence in school and work, but in myself as well.

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