Essay about The Importance Of Verbal And Non Verbal Communication Skills

Essay about The Importance Of Verbal And Non Verbal Communication Skills

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As a nurse it is essential to be able to communicate effectively not just with clients but also with their families, staff and the organisation that you work for. Communication mostly uses the methods of verbal, and non-verbal such as body language (Nelson- Jones, 2005) and symbols. By effective communication nurses develop an understanding of the patient as a person that helps enhances trust and working collaboratively. Without patient trust the nurse is unlikely to develop a true understanding of the patient’s required care needs and health experience (Stein-Pabury 2009). However there are also many barriers that may interfere in effective communication such as linguistically diverse patients that come from a non-English speaking background as depicted in the case study of Mrs Romano.

Effective Communication skills are crucial for nurses when communicating with patients, especially with patients who are linguistically diverse due to the possibility of miscommunication of diagnosis and misinterpretations. The two main components to effective communication include both verbal and non-verbal communication skills. Verbal communication is essential as it helps nurses communicate with their patients as it builds a nurse-patient relationship. Verbal communication encompasses the use of language, words, sounds, and letters (Eunson, 2008). Mrs Romano’s case is a complex situation due to the client’s visible emotional state as well as her linguistic diverse situation. Mrs Romano may have a difficult time understanding verbal communication due to her minimal understanding of English. In the case of Mrs Romano, the nurse’s manner of communication should have reflected the client’s linguistic ability, for example, the nurse should have spo...

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...ano’s right to privacy and confidentiality regarding the sensitive information that may be conveyed (Neals, 2008). Another thing that needs to be considered is that what is being conveyed by the nurse is being understood by bilingual worker or relative such as Marcello, as misinterpretations may be likely to occur; and information may be concealed from the patient which is vital. These are common barriers that occur in communicating with patients.

In conclusion to be able to effectively communicate with patients, nurses should develop board understanding of the patients needs as well as barriers. To be able to assess whether they are linguistically diverse and communicating both verbal and non-verbal, and providing the right measures available at the facility. Having the capability to be able to communicate in complex situation and providing possible solutions.

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