The Importance Of Vaccinations : Protecting Society Essay

The Importance Of Vaccinations : Protecting Society Essay

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The Importance of Vaccinations: Protecting Society
Jessica Thomas
Pikes Peak Community College
September 10, 2016

The relationship between receiving vaccinations and the benefits to the population and our health were examined. Studies and tests suggest that children and adults who receive the proper dosages of immunizations and at the appropriate times are at less risk to contract and spread contagious diseases. With the rising cost of medical care, many major health organizations have confidence in that receiving vaccinations prevent outbreaks and long-term health complications. After careful examination, the benefits of vaccinations outweigh the minimal possible side effects. Suggestions for determining the health benefits from being administered vaccinations and the welfare of the population are discussed.
The Importance of Vaccinations: Protecting Society
While some diseases still plague this country and are not readily controlled as of today, vaccinations against many diseases are measured as one of the utmost therapeutic successes of our time. Vaccinations have been given and received for decades to protect our family, society, and future generations. Although many still disparage the side effects of vaccines, thus not receiving them, are increasing the chance for the population to be vulnerable to outbreaks. With proper education about vaccinations, society can be cultivated on the facts that the benefits of receiving proper vaccinations are more favorable than the risks.
Societal Benefits
When an abundant amount of a population is vaccinated against a transmittable illness most members of the population are protected against that disease and significantly decreases the chances of an outbreak. This is referred to...

... middle of paper ...

...vanced throughout the years and are still continuing to improve the welfare and health to the population of this country. They have been proven to eradicate certain diseases and protect society from widespread outbreaks. Parents can have a piece of mind knowing that their children can go to school safely because they are vaccinated to protect them from those children who are not vaccinated. Receiving proper vaccinations at prescribed recommended times is confirmed to be financially gaining rather than being hospitalized and treated for an illness. Protecting our future generations is extremely important, death of a loved one can be prevented just by parents or guardians adhering to vaccination guidelines. The benefits of vaccinations outweigh most possible side effects. The world truly needs to understand the importance vaccines are for the protection of all man-kind.

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