Essay on The Importance Of Vaccinations On Children And Children

Essay on The Importance Of Vaccinations On Children And Children

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The importance of vaccinations on children

Vaccines are essential for people of all ages, however, it is essential that children start receiving vaccines at a young age. The clearest reason why children should receive vaccines is because vaccines substantially decrease a person 's likelihood of getting that specific disease. If a child does not get vaccinated, then they are more susceptible to becoming ill from diseases that could have been prevented. It is important to start vaccinating children at a young age, as they most likely have not been exposed to certain deadly diseases. Many people believe that children being vaccinated have many risks associated due to the vaccines, however, the benefits of getting vaccinated far outweigh the risks. It is also important for parents of children to realize and understand that vaccinations are not linked to autism, and if a child gets a vaccine, they will not become autistic. Another common concern, in regards to vaccinations in young children, is that they will disrupt their immune system, which is not the case. Childhood vaccinations not only can save your own child’s life but “ saves 33,000 lives in the United States alone” each year (“Why Should I Vaccinate My Child?” n.d.). Vaccinations not only protect children but also the people who are around those children.

Herd immunity and isolated outbreaks of diseases

Herd immunity is an essential component of protecting members within a community that are unvaccinated for specific reasons. When a large majority of a community is vaccinated, the likelihood of an outbreak of disease is substantially decreased. Herd immunity protects those who are not vaccinated. These people can either be unvaccinated by choice or for medical or religiou...

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...ntific evidence available to determine that vaccines should, in fact, be mandatory.

There are 7 important vaccinations that children between 19 and 35 months of age, which include: Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis (DTP), Polio, Measles, Mumps, Rubella (MMR), Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), Chickenpox (Varicella), and Pneumococcal conjugate vaccine (PCV). Only 71.6% of these children in that age range receive all of the 7 combined vaccines (“Immunization FastStats,” n.d.).This statistical evidence should influence the United States presidential candidates’ positions on mandatory vaccines because if vaccines were mandatory, almost 100% of children in that age group would be vaccinated, except those that exempt. Children are the vulnerable age groups to become ill from many diseases that could have been prevented through vaccination (“Vaccination Debate,” n.d.).

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