Essay on The Importance Of Vaccinating Children At A Young Age

Essay on The Importance Of Vaccinating Children At A Young Age

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Under the Needle: The Importance of Vaccinating Children at a Young Age
Modern medicine has transcended the limits of traditional healing. Along with treating disease, humans have formulated a method to prevent it altogether. With the widespread use of vaccinations, the spread of disease has lessened exponentially. However, modern myths have fooled many into the belief that this essential practice is harmful to health. This has lead to a number of parents who are reluctant to vaccinate their children. Infants are of the age group most prone to contracting viruses, as their immune systems are not yet fully equipped to fight certain diseases. Vaccinated children have been shown to be at lower risk for contracting viruses than unvaccinated children, therefore decreasing the prevalence of certain diseases. As a result, it is essential for parents to vaccinate their children in order to prevent potential health complications, and to help eliminate the presence of certain viruses within society.
The benefits of vaccines far outweigh the potential health risks they can pose. To illustrate, a study conducted in the Lasbela district of Pakistan showed that there were “277 cases of diarrhea, 61 of pneumonia, 27 of blindness and 14 deaths prevented for every thousand children vaccinated” (Ledogar,, et. al., 2009). Regarding the measles virus, it was deduced that an unvaccinated child has twice the risk of contracting a virus when compared to the vaccinated child. Furthermore, the Malaysian newspaper New Straits Times reported that adverse side effects from vaccines are extremely rare. The side effects experienced are mild, such as irritation around the injection site, and can be treated at home. It is evident that these sm...

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...icient method of preventing and eliminating viruses. The adverse negative effects of vaccines are merely a cloud of myths materialized through misinformation. A lack of knowledge concerning vaccines is a dominant issue surrounding the number of parents unwilling to vaccinate their children. Phasing in a greater magnitude of vaccine education is crucial towards bettering parents’ attitude towards immunization. Increasing the number of vaccinated children is crucial, as vaccination can only reach its full potential when all children are vaccinated. Vaccination aids every hospital patient on a broader spectrum, as a decrease in patients requiring emergency medical care gives more time each individual patient. Therefore, administering vaccines to young children is an essential aspect and first step towards establishing a healthy society fully equipped to prevent disease.

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