The Importance Of Using Biochemical Tests On An Unknown Essay

The Importance Of Using Biochemical Tests On An Unknown Essay

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The purpose of using biochemical tests is to identify characteristics that differentiate one bacteria species from another. When a patient is having signs and symptoms, you can’t tell what is causing the issue just from a description of how they feel. The process of determining the cause would be performing biochemical tests on an unknown sample. The results of the test are shown by either indicators that are present in the media, or reagents that are added. Once the tests are performed, and the results are gathered, you would use them to determine what bacteria species the culture was from.
In order to perform the SIM test, you would need a SIM agar deep tube, a test tube rack, goggles, a Bunsen burner, a stock culture, Kovac’s reagent, and an inoculating needle. You would need to put on the goggles and start the Bunsen burner. Flame the needle and wait for it to cool enough to obtain a colony from the stock culture. The stock culture should be upside down while the culture is obtained and placed back on the table on top of its lid, if the culture is coming from a plate. With the p...

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