Importance Of Understanding Judaism, Christianity, And Islam Essay

Importance Of Understanding Judaism, Christianity, And Islam Essay

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Importance of Understanding Judaism, Christianity, and Islam in Nursing
There are many diverse religions in the United States but the three major Abrahamic religions are Judaism, Christianity, and Islam. In the nursing field, it is valuable to have a good understanding of the basic beliefs of the three major Abrahamic religions because they are the most common religions in the United States and it gives nurses a better understanding of the patients and facilitates the nurses in giving the patients better care.
Judaism’s Beliefs and Practices
In 2007, approximately 40 percent of the Jewish population lived the United States, which is nearly six million Jews (Sorajjakool, Carr, & Nam, 2010). Judaism is based on behavior, not faith, according to the 613 commandments given in the Hebrew Bible but yet they believe that God is one (Sorajjakool et al., 2010). They do not allow tattoos, autopsies, or any type of disfigurement of the body because the body “is considered a sacred vessel of life and a gift from God” and therefore should not be violated (Sorajjakool et al., 2010, p. 118). Jewish have certain food restrictions such as having milk and meat at the same meal. They can only eat warmblooded animals which chew their cud and have cloven, split hoofs such as cattle and goat (Fisher, 2014). Jews prefer same sex healthcare provider unless it is life threatening because unmarried Jewish men and women do not touch and married men only have contact with women of the immediate family. One of the rituals in Judaism is circumcision is done on the eighth day after birth in the home or synagogue. Jews are committed to cleanliness and modesty so the Jew is required to wash hands at least seven times daily. They believe life begins at b...

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...hcare of a Muslim is in an emergent situation such as the patients in this scenario. A good reason for healthcare providers to know and understand other religious beliefs is so they can be more prepared to communicate appropriately and assist patients with decisions by including and respecting their beliefs.
It is critical that nurses learn religion, cultures, and personal beliefs of the patients they care for so they can understand them better and provide them with the best care. Since Judaism, Christianity, and Islam are the three major Abrahamic religions in the United States, all nurses should be educated on their beliefs and practices. It is essential to treat all patients as individuals with their own beliefs and healthcare providers need to learn to understand and respect their beliefs to properly care for them to promote wellness and healing.

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