The Importance Of Training For Nursing Care Essay

The Importance Of Training For Nursing Care Essay

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1. A) Saint-Mary’s Hospital assessed the need for training when five nurse managers noticed a problem with high turnover and poor patient satisfaction with nursing care in the oncology unit. From an organizational stand point, organizational measures of performance such as a unit with high turnover and patient complaints of inadequate care from the nurses was indicative of an issue. In respect to the people who needed to be trained, the hospital realized training was pertinent for the nurses in the oncology unit because they suffered from compassion fatigue because cancer patients’ health could suddenly deteriorate and caring for them could be emotionally draining. As a result, nurses in this unit started to detach themselves from patients and provide less than optimal care. Also, this unit suffered from high turnover which also hinted that these were the specific employees that needed training the most. Finally, a task analysis lead to the assessment that nurses needed training in how to cope with stress and avoid or recover from compassion fatigue. The lack of stress training lead nurses to avoid certain patients and sometimes fail to deliver quality care when they failed to notice or interpret patient’s needs.
B) Yes and no, the training addressed the needs discovered by person and task analysis. The program initially focused on 20 oncology nurses and after 6 weeks, nurses reported feeling more positive about their work and better equipped to manage the stress and emotions that are a key component of their jobs. Therefore, the program dealt with who needed to be trained and the tasks that needed improvements. However, it should be noted that it is unclear whether nurse satisfaction resulted in lower turnover and improved patie...

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... a pre-/post- survey with a control group. One survey should evaluate how the nurses feel about their ability to cope with compassion fatigue before and after the going through the program compared with nurses who didn’t use Fieldstone’s methods. Another survey should focus on how patients perceived nurse care before and after the training and compare that with the perceive care for nurses who didn’t undergo the training. This will allow Saint-Mary to measure if the training actually translated to better performance on the job and improved nursing care which is their ultimate goal. The second way they can evaluate effectiveness is through organizational results such as return on investment (ROI) to see if the benefits of the training outweigh the costs. Another organizational result that could be assessed is whether nurse turnover reduced as a result of the program.

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