The Importance Of The Vegetarian Diet And The Meat Based Diet Essay

The Importance Of The Vegetarian Diet And The Meat Based Diet Essay

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On a daily basis, a majority of people across the world consumes meat products in their diet, yet a small percent of people have chosen the unique lifestyle of being a vegetarian. Although everyone has to make their decision on whether to follow a meat based or vegetarian based diet, there have been continuous debates on the benefits that come from being a vegetarian versus eating meat. According to nutritionists, it was concluded that eating a more vegetarian based diet has greater positive values to the health of the body than consuming meat. The benefits of a vegetarian diet over the meat diet are determined by the nutrients that an individual may gain from being a vegetarian. There are numerous organizations and societies that continually educate people about the best ways of living a healthy lifestyle. The main objective of this paper is to assess the importance of the vegetarian diet compared to the meat based diet.

A vegetarian diet increases the health of the body and also increases the chances of an individual to live a healthy life. Over the past years, statistics have shown that there is an increase in chronic diseases such as heart diseases. The heart related diseases that are caused by a high accumulation of fats in the body. Vegetarian diets are low in fats and have a high level of fiber that is recommendable to the body. The low levels of fats in the vegetarian diet positively contribute to the health of an individual by minimizing the occurrence of such diseases. It is also believed that the vegetarian diet is highly encouraged because it is based on healthy, natural foods that are subjected to less processing than meat. Similarly, the costs of consuming vegetarian foods are extremely affordable among ma...

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... positive effects to the health of an individual, such as minimizing the occurrence of diseases such as heart attacks, obesity, and most importantly improving the immune system. It is, therefore, important for individuals to focus on consuming a vegetarian diet or incorporating vegetarian aspects in their life for the positive health benefits that the vegetarian lifestyle provides.
Due to the a large amount of negative aspects that can be found in a meat based diet , campaigns have arisen in the United States to educate people on the importance of eating healthy food. These campaigns aim at motivating young people to change their diet habits due to the increasing cases of obesity in the United States. As a result, many people have recently changed their attitude, and they now support the importance of consuming healthy foods (Monitor your vegetarian diet, 2010).

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