Importance Of The Problem Of A Student 's Success After School Essay examples

Importance Of The Problem Of A Student 's Success After School Essay examples

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Significance of the problem. As many colleges require some kind of written essay as part of the application process, students need to be prepared and well educated on how to use all of the tools they have available to them. Students need to make sure they are showing off their best self in these essays, and not missing out on scholarship offers or even acceptance because they do not understand how to properly proofread their writing. As teachers, we also need to think about the student’s success after school, in their careers. “Coursework that prepares students for future careers tends to focus on the curriculum content rather than the writing skills student use to present that content. Yet writing ability is often vital for effective work performance, thus demonstrating writing skills are relevant to future employment is as essential learning outcome for higher education curriculum” (Coyle, 2010).
As a school, the mission statement at the research site is: “To create an environment that promotes lifelong learning, values individuals, and prepares all students for their futures as positive and responsible citizens (“Granite School District, n.d.)” It is the hope that for many of the students, the future includes college or some additional training, and no matter the field the student will enter, significant writing skills will be needed.
Furthermore, many colleges are beginning to see the gap grow with incoming freshman’s actual writing skills and the writing skills that will be expected by the college professors. Due to this fact some schools are placing and increased emphasis on general education skills rather than content (Fields, Hatala, & Nauert, 2014). The belief being that content can be picked up quickly by a colleg...

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...aced on classroom teachers in high school, it is becoming clear that many of those teachers are struggling to help students with their written assignments. Many teachers expect their students to already know how to write and proofread their work, while other teachers only attempt to show students what works for them.
Whether the teacher is properly trained in teaching writing or not, it seems that the average students are not putting in the effort that is needed to proofread an essay before turning it in. By simply proofreading, students would almost be guaranteed better grades on all written assignments in high school.
How do we get students more involved in the writing and proofreading process? That is not a simple answer, but this study will look to try and answer that question. Technology may not be the answer to this problem, but it is worth investing.

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