The Importance of the Domestic Partnerships Bill Essay

The Importance of the Domestic Partnerships Bill Essay

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Many women were neglected and were exposed to abusive relationships because they were seen as inferior to the men. Another instance of abuse or domestic violence stems from relationships such as domestic partnerships as a result children were also neglected because of their mother’s neglection and abuse. Women were also forced not to have a right of their own will in the past society. Another possible reason for the abuse is women were faced with a patriarchal society. Access to the court systems and education also play a vital role in the protection of women. Women are therefore now striving for the legal rights and equality that they deserve. It is therefore a right and responsibility of men and the law to protect women and children. The Domestic partnership bill (draft) bill will be considered in this essay with regard to the protection of family members and the improvement of the bill

The domestic partnerships bill (draft) is drafted for possible solutions to domestic partnerships. It is important to consider that domestic partnerships serve as a crucial role in our society. Many domestic partners rely on each other for financial, emotional, reproductive and other needs. The domestic partnerships bill also includes members as being life partners. A life partnership is a relationship between two people living together without concluding a marriage contract which has many characteristics of marriage. A life partnership can also be referred to many other terms which signify this type of relationship mainly being a domestic partnership, cohabitation, living together, concubinage, de facto marriage and common-law marriage. The definition of life partnerships also states that although parties wish not to marry or cannot marry ...

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...n with respect to the biological father doesn’t need to be addressed by this legislation as the natural fathers of children born out of wedlock act of 1977 and a proposed children’s bill cater for such a scenario. This provision is a clear sign of unfair discrimination towards the child and the mother of the child. Maintenance also plays a vital role in the domestic partners lives. The domestic partnerships bill acknowledges this provision but doesn’t specify if one spouse should leave another, what would the outcome be.

In the case of Gory v Kolver which concerns intestate succession, same sex partners are discriminated as to partners of opposite sex.
The family demanded inheritance to them but the court made judgment in favor of the living domestic partnership. The domestic partnership therefore creates a provision for an unregistered domestic partnership.

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