The Importance Of The Cultural Institution Of Canadian Federalism And The Political Leadership Of Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau

The Importance Of The Cultural Institution Of Canadian Federalism And The Political Leadership Of Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau

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This study will define the importance of the cultural institution of Canadian federalism and the political leadership of Prime Minister Pierre Elliot Trudeau during the late 1960s. Under PM Trudeau’s leadership, the Quiet Revolution failed to break apart Canadian federalism due to the unifying cultural aspects of language that he promoted through the Official Languages Act of 1969. Trudeau was a loyal Quebecker in terms of political power, yet he chose to unite Quebec and Ottawa in unity through a mutual respect for Anglophile and Francophile interests. Language was the primary barrier to national identity in Canada, which provide a political platform for PM Trudeau to implement a multicultural political solution to declare English and French as national languages. The Official Languages Act of 1969 provided a mandatory study of these two languages, which helped to seal the growing rift between Quebec and Ottawa as a means of providing a broader multicultural unity under the federalist institution of the Canadian government.
The focus on PM Trudeau in this essay provides a fulcrum point for the increasingly federalist focus on language as a unifying factor in the resolution of Quebec’s desire to become an independent nation state. This is why an in-depth analysis of Trudeau’s contributions to the Official Languages Act of 1969 provides a key component to the political and cultural perspective on the preservation of the federalist system. In this manner, PM Trudeau fought for Quebec to be identified as a unique Francophile culture, yet not without breaking the larger institutional bonds of Canadian identity by acknowledging the English and French languages. Therefore, the French and English languages define the cultural aspects ...

... middle of paper ... homogenous unit. The Official Languages Act of 1969 provides a legal context that would vilify the Francophile rights of language, which would become mandatory educational practices in Canadian schools. These aspects of cultural and political transformation defined the unique form of Trudeau’s leadership, which eventually allowed him to become the Prime Minister in 1969. More so, overarching struggles of the Quiet Revolution had accumulated into a comprehensive settlement of Francophile and Anglophile language rights that prevented the division of Canada. In this manner, Trudeau had found the issue of language rights as a resolution to many of the cultural qualms of the Quiet Revolution. Indeed, Trudeau had maintained the unity of the Canadian federal government by creating a more equal basis for language rights between the political forces of Ottawa and Quebec.

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