Essay on Importance Of Technical Language And Practitioner

Essay on Importance Of Technical Language And Practitioner

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Why this communication skill is the least important in the special education needs setting?
Use of technical language / Practitioner to Client
This communication skill may be the least important because during the lesson, the children may become confused about what the special educational needs teacher is trying to teach them. This may make the children begin to lose concentration and become bored with the task (reducing stimulation). This is because they are not paying attention and they will not be, learning what is needed in case it helps them improve (reduced occupation).
In assembly a newly qualified special education needs assistant visits the school from a different school, which is arranged by the head teacher who may not be used to working and communicating with children, may over use technical words, for example, a PSCO talking to the children about e-safety and may use words like ‘hack’, ‘piracy’ ‘peer sharing sites’ that the younger children may not understand. This is because they do not understand their physical safety and may be at risk because they may give personal information to strangers over the internet. The children may become worried and scared (reducing their psychological security).
A new support assistant may not be used to all the acronyms that are used in teaching and becomes lost in a school INSET run by the deputy head on understanding children’s’ level and sub-levels of progress. This could reduce their confidence in their ability to teach.
Humour / Practitioner to Client
Humour is one of the communication, which is the least important. For example, the special educational needs teacher may use humour with the child. The special educational needs teacher might do this to cheer the child up if they ...

... middle of paper ...

...s is because it is not as important if the special educational needs teacher temporally withdraws Karim. This is because they may leave him and provide him with support from a support assistant with Karim. This will not lack social contact and support. Therefore, this is one of the least important. This is because there are other caring skills, which are key to provide support to Karim.
Distraction / Practitioner to Client
In addition, Distraction is also one of the least important. Although, at times it makes people focus on something when people are in pain or anxiety. However, sometimes Karim might need other caring skills, which are key to help him. This is because Karim might be brave and not as scared of injections and might not need distraction from the support assistant or special education needs assistant because he knows what to do to avoid feeling scared.

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