The Importance of Teamwork in Business Organization Essay

The Importance of Teamwork in Business Organization Essay

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Teamwork is one of the important component that is required in any types of business organization . Team is defines as “a small number of people with complementary skills who are committed to the common purpose, performance goal, and approach for which they hold themselves mutually accountable”(katzenbach and Smith 1993) . Teamwork offer numbers of advantages like in teamwork work are completed earlier because large task are divided into smaller projects and then it find out an individual who is best for doing the jobs. Tasks that are smaller in size also need less time and brainpower then the work is less sporting to the people who are working. Teamwork also helps in combing the unique skills of people and makes them work efficiently. In a teamwork strength of different people are combined for the benefit of entire team and to produce better product and teamwork also help in building the unity among the group member .In a teamwork relationship play an important role because it helps people to communicate properly with one another whereas friendship helps in creating a job satisfaction. Support system is also important because if support system will be stronger than people will be comfortably depend on each other. These are the advantage of the teamwork but in teamwork there are also disadvantage like in teamwork there is an uneven participation of the members because they depend on other for doing the majority of work this can lead to hatred in the workplace. In a teamwork everyone is not team player, as they cannot perform well while team is working because they want to do their own so they might face problems to get fitted in a certain work culture, which will result in displeasure. In teamwork there is less creativity among th...

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...tive impact on individual outcomes. Thus the result tells that managerial behavior control is not compatible with virtual team environment.
The above essay gives clear idea about the teamwork. There are different types of team in the organization, which is very essential for the business. The theories of belbin (1993), Tuckman and Jensen (1977) shows the nine teams role and five stages of development which are very important for any team building and also in belbin theory there is practical example of the company who used the nine team role and win the award and tuckman theory has been criticed by authors, and the example of teamwork given by Apple Inc. Ceo Steve jobs and Microsoft shows important of teamwork in their organization. Therefore I came to the conclusion that teamwork is a for the organization and very helpful in achieving the task on time.

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