Essay about The Importance of Teamwork and Communication

Essay about The Importance of Teamwork and Communication

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I personally think that teamwork and communication are very important during CA1, CA2 and CA3. We need to cooperate well, discuss amiably with one another to find a suitable solution for some of the challenges or obstacles faced in the process of accomplishing the task assigned to us by our teacher. One such example would be the games for our CA1, the aim of our first game was to score a ball into the bins which are of different colors and entitled us to different score. Our initial plan was to score the ball into the bins which will enable us to attain a higher score. When it was my turn to toss the balls into the bin, I was feeling really anxious at that moment. I wanted to successfully toss the ball into the bin which will entitle us a better score so that my group and I will get better grades for our CA1. However, after throwing one out of the three balls, I realized it was harder than expected. The only obstacles that we faced were probably due to the rules of the game that we had to toss the ball with our backs facing the bins. As a result, none of my group members successfull...

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