The Importance Of Teaching Grit Predict Academic Success With At Risk Youth?

The Importance Of Teaching Grit Predict Academic Success With At Risk Youth?

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Grit: Does teaching grit predict academic success with at risk youth?
Intelligence has been widely thought as a predictor for student success across grade levels. The recent studies done by Angela Duckworth, assume a different opinion for contributing factors of student success. Duckworth is one of the leading researchers and forbearers for the academic buzzword, grit. According to her definition, grit is the tenacity and desire to strive towards long-term goals. Grit, is implemented by working with diligence despite challenges, having tenacity despite the failures, road blocks or plateaus that one may face working towards the goal. Her research team attests that the gritty individual sees their various challenges as a marathon, which requires great endurance. In comparison, those that lack grit may see that dissatisfaction or dullness as a reason to change their goals or admit defeat, the one has grit decides to keep going. (Duckworth, Peterson, & Matthews, 2007)
According to educators and psychologists like Duckworth, grit is an attribute that is not inherent. But it is something that can be imparted, by educators and psychologists as part of a non-academic curriculum. Those that believe that grit is an essential part of the success of the student, see this is a primary responsibility of the educator. The focus that is paid attention to the subject of non-curriculum subjects focuses on the specific or difficult tasks that are roadblocks for the students. (Carpenter, 2013)
Carpenter describes that teachers may have had a misunderstood belief about how they perceive students willingness to work towards a task. In her view teachers can misinterpret meager performance as a sign that they may be apathetic towards academic w...

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...nd the road-blocks that were found during the lesson. These journals were highly instrumental to give awareness of how each participant in the study felt during the process of learning. The results of this study were quite positive in the implications of practicing SMART goal setting. Before the SMART goals were taught to the students, none of the students could properly set SMART goals. By the end of the post-test, it was shown that 35% (seventh graders) and 52% of ninth graders were able to set SMART goals. However, it is stated by this study that SMART goals were more effectively set by the older students because of the maturity level and the knowledge base that was connected to the student. The most important implication of this study is how core-motivation and personal responsibility contributed to their enthuasism to the project at hand. (Munoz, 2014)

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