The Importance Of Teachers ' Roles And Pedagogy On The Positioning Of English Language Learners

The Importance Of Teachers ' Roles And Pedagogy On The Positioning Of English Language Learners

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Bogum Yoon’s journal article “Uninvited Guests: The Influence of Teachers’ Roles and Pedagogy on the Positioning of English Language Learners in the Regular Classroom” from the American Educational Research Journal seeks to explain the importance of teachers’ roles and pedagogy in classrooms that include English Language Learning (ELL) students. Yoon’s article argues that ELL students have not received adequate support in normal classrooms because of how teachers’ understand their teaching roles and duties. In this essay, I intend to summarize, analyze, and evaluate Yoon’s research regarding the importance of teachers understanding their roles as educators and the impact their understanding has on all students, especially ELL students.
Yoon’s journal focused on the disadvantages that ELL students have due to how their teachers’ view teacher responsibility and roles in regular classrooms, which include ELL students. Yoon observed three different English classes and interviewed the teachers of each classroom to study how the teacher viewed his or her role as an educator of a regular classroom. Throughout his study, he used ELL students’ participation and involvement during class to gauge the impact that teachers’ perceptions had on ELL students. Based on Yoon’s findings, Yoon argues that teachers must first understand ELL cultural and social needs in order to promote interactive behavior from ELL students. Yoon believes it is critical to understand that ELL students are generally from different cultures and that ELL students might behave differently depending on their perceptions of the world. Yoon also claimed that teachers’ positioning of themselves can be a critical factor in influencing ELL students’ inter...

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...erall participation and success of ELL students. Overall, Yoon’s article sufficiently utilizes evidence to emphasize the importance of a teacher perception regarding his or her position and the teacher’s awareness of students’ needs.
Yoon’s article addressed the effects of teachers’ perceptions and pedagogy on ELL students and suggests that an educator’s understanding of his or her role as a teacher, an educator’s approach towards students, and an educator’s understanding of students’ cultures all contribute to student success. Although Yoon’s research includes a small sample size, Yoon effectively convinces readers that ELL students receive inadequate support when their teachers dismiss their needs. Prospective educators can utilize Yoon’s journal to improve their interactions with all students and to also examine how their ideas impact their students.

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