Importance of Talking and Listening To The Development of Children Essay

Importance of Talking and Listening To The Development of Children Essay

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‘’Talking and listening are important to the development of children.
Discuss this and suggest ways in which a child’s development can be enhanced’’.
Talking and listening are essential life skills. The ability to talk in order to communicate and exchange ideas and information, to negotiate with others, to express feelings and emotions, allows human beings to function well in the world and to be full and active members of society. Communication, to be effective, requires the ability to listen, to understand and to make sense of what is heard. On the personal level, when we listen, we give attention to the other person in such a way as to allow them to feel heard, understood and therefore respected. In that way, listening is more than just functional, it matters in the building and maintaining of family life, in communities and in society as a whole. Our ability to talk and listen begins in childhood when we start to develop these important skills. There are factors which will enhance this opportunity, and factors which are not helpful.
Talking and listening is a very important thing in every child’s life. They are the main key to develop a child’s mind. It will improve children and young people’s speech and understanding skills. The more you communicate to children, the more the child can learn several words and understand more vocabulary. Language is the first step of children’s social development. Listening and talking may build mutual respect and trust between children and those who are close them. Children will be more open and feel loved, and through talking a child has the choice to express his or her feelings. They may speak out things that are troubling them rather than hiding or keeping it within.
A child’s developmen...

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...ldren questions that require one word responses only will not stretch the child’s thinking and communicating skill. Over explaining and long discussion may confuse a child for learning. Uncompleted sentence such as ok, louder voice and argument or anger with a child if she/he doesn’t get the word right might only stop a child from talking freely.

The adult who works with children has a great responsibility in terms of using the right kind of skills, providing the right kind of environment and having the correct attitude to ensure that the child has every opportunity to develop their own skills in talking and listening to the best of their ability. The basic skills can then be expanded upon throughout life, leading the child to become a fully functional, rational and effective adult who has self- respect and who knows how to show respect for other people.

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