The Importance Of Taking The Five Factor Personality Test Essay

The Importance Of Taking The Five Factor Personality Test Essay

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The purpose of taking the Five Factor Personality Test is to reveal that their are five main factors that are able to describe a human 's personality. These five factors are extraversion, agreeableness, conscientiousness, neuroticism, and openness which in short term is called ocean. It is believed if you are able to understand and describe a human 's personality, it will be easy to predict their actions to situations they may face. By taking this test, I will reveal the results of the test and comment on how they relate to my personality in reality.
The first factor is extraversion which means if you seek company or prefer to be alone. In this category I scored a twenty-eight which is about average. Meaning I’m neither extrovert or introvert, I am in the middle of the two. This test implies I do not need to seek company because I am okay with or without company, I am content. I believe this score suites me very accurately, because I don’t mind being alone or having company. Most of my days I am alone because my husband works a lot to put me through school and when I go to work I don’t mind being around my patients and coworkers. I think its a nice balance between the two.
The second factor is agreeableness which means how well do you get along with people. In this category I scored a twenty-three which is relatively low. The test implies I do not interact with other people very well or I am not very friendly; meaning I might come off as rude or aggressive. I believe this score does not fit quite accurately. I generally get along with people but I can rub people the wrong way I suppose. At work I get along with all my co-workers and they find me quite friendly, so do my patients. At work I can rub some of the nurses the wrong way,...

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...almost everyday. If I am not imagining and creating new ways to improve my home, I am creative with my cooking, which is not always a good idea. I also enjoy art, know about new cultures and religions.
In conclusion this test was average it was fifty percent inaccurate and fifty percent accurate. The test confirmed part of my personality I knew I was strong in but it did reveal parts I did not know were considered below average. The results that were somewhat accurate helps the career I am choosing because I need to be able to be dependable, trustworthy, and level headed if I want to be able to help save people 's lives. These results may be able to apply to my work by letting me use my stronger traits to develop a deeper connection with my patients and personal relationships. The traits that I am average I will embrace them but also try to expand them if possible.

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