Importance Of Students ' Learning Derive From Different Theories And Historians

Importance Of Students ' Learning Derive From Different Theories And Historians

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The steps that follow my analysis of students’ learning derive from several theories and researchers relevant to English language learners. The vocabularies expressed in mathematics are occasionally exclusive to this subject. Therefore, the importance on having English language learners to understand and absorb the meaning of the word is crucial in order to have the word embedded in student’s mind. Jeffrey Elman (1996) claims, “When children hear a word or phrase in the context of a specific object, event, or person, an association is created in the child’s mind between the word or phrase and what it represents.” Students will make a mental connection with the word being discussed and an image of the word. Students in this class will have a mental image of 900 angles when discussing right angles, Acute angles when discussing angles that are less than 900, and Obtuse angels who are more than 900 but less than 1800. This word and image mental connection will continually happen currently in the 4th grade, or in the future middle school, high school, or at the college level.
Through out the learning segment for this edTPA I will be able to aid the English language learners in the class by meeting them in their zone of proximal development (ZPD), and encourage them to perform at a higher level with my aid by providing different types of scaffolding. According to Vygotsky, “The emphasis in ZPD is on development and how learners co-construct knowledge based on their interaction with their interlocutor.” During informal assessment such as class participation or group discussion, the English language learners project a verbal understanding of the mathematical computation and content of the lesson. The problem arise when the English languag...

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...textbook with color pencil, post-it notes, vocabulary list, and graphic organizers, is just the starting point in order to expand his CALP within content-based instruction.
Naomi Storch (2002), “Found that learners who participated in the collaborative and expert-novice pairs [Consist of one learner who is stronger than the other but actively encourage and support the other in carrying out the task] maintained more of their second language knowledge over time.” These expert-novice pairs interaction between the underperforming students and the native English speakers or English language learners who have higher proficiency will encourage more interaction from the underperforming students. This expert-novice pair group, support the previously stated Vygotsky’s theory of ZPD, by having the underperforming students expand their current knowledge with the aid of the group.

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