Importance Of Standard Nomenclature And Assertive Communication Essay

Importance Of Standard Nomenclature And Assertive Communication Essay

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The Importance of Standard Nomenclature and Assertive Communication in the Professional Healthcare Environment

Effective, unambiguous communication is a fundamental professional skill not only in paramedicine (Tavares & Mausz, 2015; Williams, Onsman, & Brown, 2010), but also in essentially every other medical field (Vermeir et al., 2015). Therefore, subskills such as rapport building, assertiveness and active listening are of paramount importance in contributing to healthy workplace relationships (Grover, 2005). Using the “4Rs” model of reflection, I intend to reflect upon and further analyse the interview I recently conducted with a medical scientist concerning the importance of successful communication in his cytology department. Furthermore, I will also aim to improve my future practice as a paramedic by applying the educational insights I gained from my interviewee.
Reporting and Responding to Interview with Cytologist
I interviewed A. Hodgson, a cytology medical scientist with fifteen years of experience. We discussed the various skills required to send and deliver cogent messages in his roles of screening, reporting and attending fine needle aspiration procedures. It was interesting to hear that the essential real-world skills he described largely did align with the theoretical content of this unit. For instance, the interviewee informed me about several different communication skills he needs such as double checking screens to provide feedback and using the correct communication methods in a team environment (A. Hodgson, personal communication, March 28, 2016). Moreover, the two major themes that were identified also correlated to the theory of this unit. The first theme is that clear and universally standard nomenclature...

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... relevant to my future practice is to correctly utilise “I” (as opposed to “you”) language. This is important in various situations, such as when trying to calm an aggressive or agitated patient (Smith, 1997).
In conclusion, my interview with cytology medical scientist A. Hodgson concerning effective workplace communication has improved my knowledge as an undergraduate student. As a result, I have gained greater insight of various successful communication methods, particularly the importance of standard nomenclature and assertive communication in the professional health environment. I was then able to specifically correlate these skills to relevant situations I am likely to encounter as a graduate. Thus, due to my improved knowledge and awareness concerning the major themes, I am confident that this process has positively informed my future practice as a paramedic.

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