The Importance Of Sports At A Young Age Essays

The Importance Of Sports At A Young Age Essays

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The Importance of Sports in School
Sports are an important issue in our society. Participation in school sports can have a major positive impact on a child. All over the world there are millions of children involved in organized and recreational sports.The opportunity to play sports or participate in extracurricular activities is vital to the growth of a student in many ways. Being apart of a team can help children develop and grow. Students can learn the value of hard work and also the importance of teamwork. Children that play sports can create a better school experience for themselves. It is very important that children be given the opportunity to play sports at a young age. Parents should encourage their children to play sports because of the benefits. There are many advantages for children that play sports during their years in school. These advantages can help kids to follow their dreams and achieve their goals.
The first major benefit of sports in school is the effect it has on a child self-esteem and confidence. In the early years of school students are trying to figure out how to fit in and how to make friends. It is sometimes hard for them to establish relationships with students that they are meeting for the first time. Being involved in sports helps to create opportunities for kids to me and be apart of something. Let 's be honest, children are cruel. They can be the cause of low self-esteem without even knowing they did or said anything hurtful.

Being on a team gives a child a sense of belonging allowing them to build self-esteem by being put into situations where they feel like they are needed.
Confidence and self-esteem go hand in hand. Confidence is believing in yourself and your abilities. A very effective way f...

... middle of paper ...

...nts go through. As previously stated previously school sports are a great tool that can be used to develop social skills. The social skill will be beneficial in the present and the future. It will enable them to communicate their thoughts, feelings and ideas effectively in many different situations of life. School sports creates ways for children to begin a consistent healthy lifestyle. By joining team student can eliminate the chances of being obese or overweight, which will help their social lives. Academic achievement is a major benefit of school sports participation. Parents should encourage their children to play sports in school for many different reasons. The advantages of playing school sports will produce long lasting results. School sports can be a major factor in a student lifetime goals and possibly create ways to not only follow dreams but fulfill them.

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