Essay on The Importance Of Special Needs For Special Students

Essay on The Importance Of Special Needs For Special Students

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In a perfect world, full inclusion would be the best approach to the education of children, placing students with disabilities in a regular classroom setting for the entire school day. So the students can participate in all regular school activities. Allowing the student to be involved with the regular curriculum and socializing with regular students will prepare them to deal with what they’ll face in the future. Unfortunately, there is a lot of controversy for special needs children entering a regular classroom setting. People believe that there are many pros and cons to mixing regular students and special needs students in a classroom.
There are many pro’s to inclusion of special needs students into regular classrooms. Inclusion can be a positive experience for special education students, regular students and educators. Inclusive classrooms provide a diverse, stimulating environment for special education students. Such as the child becoming a member of their own community by joining their siblings and neighbors in a regular classroom. Allowing the special needs students to interact with regular students in a classroom setting will help build an understanding that all people are important and valuable even if they’re a little different. They can build meaningful friendship with regular students and have greater opportunities for interactions between them. (Vaughn and Klingner, 1995) Special needs students will be able to use other students as model for behavior and work skills. Learning more appropriate social behavior then they would if they were in a special educational class. They would have higher expectations and greater access to general curriculum. This could help them achieve IEP (individual educational goals) goals qui...

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...thinking of a child with a disability it’s actually very difficult to communicate with someone who doesn’t speak the same language making it a disability. My student was always acting out because we couldn’t communicate with each other. I could see him struggling to keep up with socializing with the other students and how hard the activities were for him. I learned to change my directions and spent extra time making sure he didn’t fall behind. Although I had to change my teaching style he’s now able to understand how to do activities and he socializes with the other students. Inclusion is an adequate approach for teaching special educational students. Benefits outweigh negative implications when this approach is used correctly. Though it requires a lot of work on the teacher’s end, helping students of all ability levels succeed, is one of the highlights of teaching.

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