Essay on The Importance Of Special Needs For Children

Essay on The Importance Of Special Needs For Children

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A child with a mental or physical disability may not be able to think, work, play, and function like other children of the same age. Someone working in the special needs career will be able to assist these children to function in their everyday lives and to meet goals to encourage them to thrive. In order for someone to work with special needs children, they need to understand the factors involved in a child’s improvement, have a heart for helping others, and be properly educated and trained.
Someone working with special needs children should be aware of the many factors that contribute to a child’s improvement. Although there are many factors, some of the main ones include the child’s social interaction, environment, and also overall health. One working with special needs kids should understand the significance of encouragement in these kid’s lives. As a special needs worker, one should always be an encouraging support. One should also encourage the child to have healthy relationships with others. A special needs worker’s job is to teach the child normal behaviors and encourage the child to execute them through talking, playing, and learning with others. When a child is receiving support from others, it can positively affect their learning, growing, and improving. However when a special needs child is bullied, made fun of, or treated abnormally, their ability to learn, grow, and improve can be affected negatively (Dupont, 2012). The child’s environment can also play a significant role in their improvement or failure to improve. Even though many people may be unaware of it, kids with a physical or mental disability can be greatly affected by their surroundings. For example, a child in a wheelchair could feel misplaced and unwante...

... middle of paper ... children can adapt and learn together with children with special needs. In this way, they develop understanding, tolerance, and humanity” (Marković, 2014).
By understanding the components that help children improve, as well as having a heart for helping others, and by obtaining the necessary training and degree, I will be able to assist special needs children to thrive and grow in my career. I have thoroughly enjoyed researching the career of working with special needs children. The information that I found was very insightful and applicable for the future when I pursue a career working with children with physical and mental disabilities. Through this research, I have decided that working in the special needs career is something I would like to be apart of and I cannot wait to see what specific ways I will be able to help children with disabilities in the future.

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