The Importance Of Socialization During Middle Adulthood Essays

The Importance Of Socialization During Middle Adulthood Essays

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The Importance of Socialization in Middle and Late Adulthood
As we develop we are expected to form social connections, whether it be through
friendships, family, or significant others. This socialization is important in maintaining health
throughout the lifespan. Having the ability to socialize with others allows the opportunity to
maintain mental and physical health.
Socialization Throughout Middle Adulthood
As middle adulthood approaches, family dynamics may shift. According to Arnett
(2015), children may be leaving the house, becoming more independent, and so on (p.540). This
can cause the relationship among parent and child become better as the conflict residing within
the relationship decreases (Arnett, 2015, p.540). However, the relationship between the adult
going through middle adulthood will also change with their parents, who will be going through
late adulthood. This change could occur due to the necessity of care providing that may need to
occur for the parent (Arnett, 2015, p.543). However, through the maintenance of good family
relationships the responsibilities can be shared, decreasing any strain that may occur within the
family relationships (Arnett, 2015, p.543). This thereby decreases the amount of physical wear
and tear that may occur if the endeavor were to be solely dependent on them. The adult
undergoing middle adulthood may also be becoming a grandparent, requiring relationships not
only between their own family to be maintained, but also the child 's spouse (Arnett, 2015,
p.545). The family life of someone in middle and late adulthood greatly attributes to their social
life as well.

Human Relationships
The maintenance of family relationships is not only important, ...

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the greater the socialization the better the health (Arnett, 2015, p.520). It is clear that maintaining
socialization throughout the lifespan can affect your health, therefore developing these
relationships and working to maintain them will indicate better health later in life.
Maintaining Socialization Throughout the Lifespan
Developing a Program
Developing a program to such as the one outlined below will aid seniors in getting out
into the community and participating in activities that they enjoy. This will also help them
maintain physical health as there are activities that require being physical. These along with
some of the other classes can help them maintain mental health. This program will improve their
socialization, as this is a community program and everyone is welcome, and as stated before,
improving their socialization will improve their health overall.

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