Essay The Importance of Social Relationships in Child Development

Essay The Importance of Social Relationships in Child Development

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Social relationships are going to be crucial in the life of any child, for personal fulfillment. We are convinced that these relationships , along with education that will enable the development of the child throughout his life.

When you mention education you necessarily must refer to the educational institution and the different elements that are involved in the teaching and learning process as students , family and social environment that surrounds it. The school offers students the opportunity to acquire skills, knowledge , attitudes and habits that promote the maximum use of their skills and helps to neutralize the harmful effects of an unfavorable family and social environment . The study on "school social climate," if the rules are flexible and adaptable , children have a greater acceptance contribute to socialization , self-determination and the acquisition of responsibility and promoting coexistence at school and therefore development of personality, on the other hand if they are rigid, they have a negative impact, they generate rebellion, dissatisfaction , feelings of inferiority or facilitating the performance of the person in a different way to express what they want .

While relations between band mates are just one of the many types of social relationships that a student should learn , it is not surprising to know that studies examining the style in which parents raise their children allow us to have some evidence to help understand the development of social skills within a social group of children.

Peer relationships contributes greatly not only to the cognitive and social development but also to the effectiveness with which we function as adults also postulating that the best childhood predictor of adult adaptatio...

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...tate each individual feel as comfortable as possible in the classroom, to facilitate their participation and integration : to give their opinion, who dare to ask questions, they can show agreement or disagreement on an issue , strengthen participation whether the question is more related to the content or not, suggestions, opinions, behavior or proper conduct, academic, sporting achievements, qualities, skills, abilities, skills, originality, hobbies

3. Adapting skills to each student group. The skills will not be the same for each group of children depending on their age and interests.

4. Adjust the image of teacher context . It is very important to suit the situation, understanding that the teacher is a model of learning.

5. Group Collaborate with faculty and the entire educational community . Help from fellow help resolve situations that arise on a daily basis.

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