Essay on The Importance Of Sleep For A Child

Essay on The Importance Of Sleep For A Child

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Hannah Love
Ms. Joyce Bloomingburg
Child Development
11 March 2015
The Importance of Sleep for a Child
Sleep is a demand that every human needs to be able to make it through day-to-day life. As we get older our schedules become more hectic and we tend to leave less and less time for sleep. While adults may be able to function with less sleep, what about children? Children need significantly more sleep for reasons more than being able to get through the day. Sleep plays a major role in a child’s brain development and physical growth. The best way to ensure children get the proper amounts of sleep can be as simple as establishing a consistent bedtime and bedtime routine (“The Connection Between Sleep and Growth”).
Making sure a child gets the right amount asleep is just as important as making sure they have food, water, and proper safety in their lives. A child could be receiving the right amount of sleep but still be missing out on healthy sleep. Healthy sleep includes: the right amount of sleep, uninterrupted sleep, adequate number of naps according to ones age, and a sleep schedule that corresponds with the child’s natural biological rhythms. If over time these are not ideal, a child may start to experience signs of sleep deprivation.
The length of sleep needed will vary depending on each individual child and their age (Breus). It is important to remember that each individual has their own biological rhythm, or daily waking and sleep periods that create a mixture of sleep patterns (Coon and John). Newborns sleep from anywhere between ten to eighteen hours a day, with courses of one to three hours being awake. Infants typically sleep nine to ten hours at night and take thirty minutes to two-hour naps, one to four t...

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