Essay on The Importance of Single-sex Education

Essay on The Importance of Single-sex Education

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Have you ever thought, what is the main fact, by which all countries are evaluated? There would be probably many different answers, but it is obvious that all countries’ economic conditions are the main factors that show at which level of development these countries are. Of course, the governments of all countries are doing their best in order to increase their economic status. There are many factors that positively influence the economic condition, but it is indisputable, that the main circumstance that is needed to achieve this goal is well educated society. So to solve this problem, firstly, government has to start from young generation, because they are the future of the country. It is obviously seen, that in order to increase the students’ cognition, politicians have to enhance the educational system, which will make studying process more productive, and of course, it will provide good atmosphere for students to study. Many different pieces of research were made in this field, and finally, scientists detected many problems and factors that have negative effect on educational process. Also, they have found that not all factors hinder all learners to study; there are also some circumstances that prevent only special group of students. Because of it, many different teaching methods, such as reducing the class sizes and restricting the rules of teaching are practicing in different countries all over the world, in order to improve academic achievement of the students. Also, researchers reported that there are some conditions that have beneficial effect on academic studies of only one specific sex, not both. One teacher (Gurian, 2001) said that she had taught twenty years, and if she had learned anything, it’s that while boys and ...

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...s, and that separately both genders remove all stereotypes, that prevented them to express their hidden talents and statistic that specifies some unbelievable high admission exam results, make us believe that our society really needs such educational system. But, on the other hand, some scholars who illustrated the disadvantages, such as spoiling of behavior, decreasing of academic achievement and difficulties in interaction between the people of opposite sex which have bad consequences make us distrust in beneficial effect of the single-sex education. Of course, single sex education gives some benefits to both male and female in their studies, but it is well-known that everything depends on a person itself. So, if a student wants to study, if she or he has a goal to study well and to be successful in a whole life, she will do it, despite any factors.

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