The Importance Of Sharing The Gospel Of The Darkness Essay

The Importance Of Sharing The Gospel Of The Darkness Essay

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Inviting the lost to “come to the light” and “taking your light into the darkness” both have such an influential impact, depending on what stage in life the individual is at. Welcoming the lost to the church and drawing them "into the light" is fundamental for the people who have a profound craving and hunger for discovering something more noteworthy in his or her life to fill a void. There are some instances where the Lord penetrates the heart of the lost in a manner that the scarcest glimpse of light transforms them and turn them towards Christ. However, for the individuals who have become complacent in life, taking light into their haziness is more viable. Both efforts of sharing the gospel are of importance and play a part into making disciples. However, only light is powerful enough to make darkness disappear and therefore taking one’s light into the darkness that invades our world today is, in my eyes, the most essential way to share God’s love.
In response to the direct reference, John 3:19-20, “And this is the judgment: the light has come into the world, and people loved the darkness rather than the light because their works were evil,” I do not think this is a reasonable expectation. At fault, us humans are inclined to sin and evil nature. We fall short of the glory of God on a daily basis, but as a result of His sovereignty we have the opportunity to be saved from the pits of hell and sanctified by the blood of Jesus Christ. However, if one has this knowledge and continues to follow in his or her wicked ways, they are deceived. One can believe that Jesus is the Son of God, but if they do not surrender their lives to Him and choose darkness rather than the Light, then those ways will not honored by the Lord.
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...nations and make disciples for Him. Not to merely waste away our time to be comfortable. Nor are we here to wait for people to come to us to learn more about Christ, for the likelihood of that occurring is slim to none. Amidst the beautiful world that God has created, there is much depravity, brokenness, and longing for something greater than the things of this world. God has given us life so that we can be listeners and practitioners of His Word. There are others out there who are in dire need of hearing the gospel, and learning about our almighty God who loves the unlovable, forgives the inexcusable, and fights for us when we are without strength. He has chosen us to be apart of His mission to further His kingdom. In doing so, it is our job to take our light and step into the darkness that surrounds us at every corner, and share the love of Jesus Christ who saves.

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