The Importance Of Securing A Patient 's Data Essay

The Importance Of Securing A Patient 's Data Essay

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Securing a patient’s data is one of the key ethical issues that govern medical practitioners. When dealing with patients, physicians collect, store, analyze and present a patient’s information and the security of this information is a liability. Efficient service delivery in healthcare provision calls for information security. Medical practitioners have a patient’s much private information that needs delicate handling. This paper is a description of our family doctor’s office, Dr. Mackenzie, methods used to analyze his clinic, analysis findings and a recommendation chapter on how the doctor will improve the security of a patient 's information in his hands.
Our family doctor office is similar to most physicians’ offices that I have visited or taken a friend for a visit. Either the doctor stores a patient’s data in a file folder from the shelf or on his laptop, using Excel software. The physician’s office has other small rooms that are inclusive of reception room, examining room, a laboratory, and a treatment room. The doctor does not have a particular room where patient’s data storage takes place; the files storage is on a shelf in the treatment room. The examination room in this office is the only room that is fully equipped since it has an examination bed and the needed examination and treatment equipment. The physician’s office lacks an effective waste management plan. The doctor and his assistants throw away all the office waste into a dustbin nearby which poses a threat to the environment threat since medical waste calls for a better waste management plan.
Methods used to analyze the office
The observation was the primary approach used to analyze the physician clinic. Observation is a standard approach to carry...

... middle of paper ...

...ormation is paramount, and it is a legal requirement that a person’s information be private and not released to anyone without his or her knowledge. The first recommendation that the physician should consider implementation is to get an information room where a patient is information record keeping takes place. The physician should have a personal computer and a mobile phone and others for keeping the patient 's records (Kim, 2016). Computers and phones for keeping patients’ record must not leave this information room. The room should have a biometric security system with restricted access to the room. Medical practitioners can even a hire an information technologist who will help the doctor in managing patient’s data and information. The physician must implement electronic health records (EHRs) policies into his clinic for effective and efficient service delivery.

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