The Importance Of School Programs For Students ' Success By Providing A Convenient Place And Time For Homework

The Importance Of School Programs For Students ' Success By Providing A Convenient Place And Time For Homework

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After-school programs can play an important role in students’ success by providing a convenient place and time for homework and extra academic support. The class I 'm teaching is and English as a second language (ESL) class at the intermediate level for adolescents. This is an after-school class set up in a learning center in Kurdistan, aiming at improving students ' English to perform better at school. My class consists of 6 students whose first language is Kurdish. They are children of high-profile figures, aging from 13 to 15. They study at an International English-teaching school. In order to make them more competent in study, their parents send them to the institute to attend the exclusive ESL class after school. They speak Kurdish with their parents at home and have to speak English at school. They often complain about not fully understanding their English text books and that their teachers do not exert enough efforts to elaborate more on complex English phrases and difficult terms. Their school teachers do not encourage students to ask questions about verifications and explanation. When students ask questions, teachers will answer, “Why do you care?” Therefore, students’ major problem is understanding the language on their text books, especially the scientific terms and how are used in daily life. For example, they find “insulator” a difficult term to understand even after they find the word in the dictionary. In this case, my mission is to explain the term in Kurdish as well as introduce the “substance” visually to them. This course is intended to provide a solid comprehension of English language that will meet their need in the school.
The students all have basic knowledge of English, but they still need to better under...

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...with a textbook example and model “Think-Pair-Share” thinking by describing how the strategy would work, the tutor should ask students to implement it on their own. Cooperative groups are ideal for helping learn and extend expertise with the strategy. The tutor’s role should gradually become one of providing feedback, informally observing, discussing, and reinforcing independence and transfer.
In the short term, the tutor can improve the likelihood that students will use this strategy on their own by demonstrating how using group work and Pair-Think-Share to activate prior knowledge and facilitate their class performance and help meet the parents’ expectations for learning. In the long term, the students will move from spectators inside the classroom to active participants in the process of their own learning in the school, most likely without the help of the tutor.

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