Essay on The Importance Of School As An Agent Of Socialization

Essay on The Importance Of School As An Agent Of Socialization

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Socialization is the process of passing down norms, customs, and ideologies that are important to the society by the previous generations to the younger generations. The school system is a social agency that was created to enhance the processes of socialization through education. The importance of school as an agent of socialization can be best explained by the amount of time students spend in school and in activities happen around school. The manifest functions of school are to educate students the social norms, and the knowledge and skills that help them become economically productive in order to benefit the society. But students not only learn from the academic curriculum but they also benefit from socialize with their teachers and peers. These students stay in school from the morning until afternoon and approximately three quarters of a year; clearly they spend a lot of time in school, thus, they are greatly affected by this environment.
In this paper, I will discuss my socialization experience during high school. Throughout high school I have gone through many changes regarding my identity, and undeniably, the type of friends I chose to be around with changed, too. During my freshman year I thought I was all grown up and could do whatever I wanted; I was opened to do many things (obviously I was able to separate the bad things from the good things, and kept myself out of trouble). I hung out with a group of friends that was very liberal; how they talked and expressed themselves attracted me. But their idea of having fun distracted me from my schoolwork a lot and after a while I noticed myself drifted away from them because deep down, I realized that their personalities did not really matched with mine. I recognized that I act...

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... become a pharmacist. I learned that having credentials is important for my future career.
In conclusion, there were great benefits and drawbacks experiences from my four years of high school. The high school diploma was the first real-life credential that I earned; my diploma is proof that I was able to do things that many of my old friends had given up on. Having it greatly boosted my self-esteem and I believe that I feel more confident than when I just started out high school. After many sleepless nights during those 4 years, there were many times I had wanted to give up on my dreams, but the hard work pays off. After graduating from high school, I became more independent, determined than before because now I understand what I am capable of. The confidents that I got from my years of educations help me believe that I am capable of achieving other dreams and goals.

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