The Importance Of Saving The Earth Essay

The Importance Of Saving The Earth Essay

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Saving the Earth, One Bottle at a Time
Do you want to live on an Earth even more polluted and trashed than it is now? The planet is covered in waste and landfills. This, in part, is due to a lack of recycling by many of the households that are in a place to do so. Out of the total 29 million bottles of water that Americans buy every year, a mere 13 percent of those bottles are recycled. By recycling plastics like water bottles, cardboard, and paper, we can reduce the waste and pollution that currently plagues this ailing planet. Recycling, by its simplest definition, is turning trash or garbage into usable materials. You should start recycling and add to the group of people trying to help the planet. By doing this, you are contributing to a greater cause of healing the planet. Recycling can also directly benefit you as an individual. By doing this, you are also helping the economy and energy usage. There is no such thing as a planet that is too healthy.
Currently, the Earth that you live on, the Earth that your neighbors live on, the Earth that future generations will live on, is sick. We have ignorantly began destroying it for what we believe is our own gain. We are just being lazy and in the process trashing our own surroundings. Do you really want your lineage suffering on a smoggy, gloomy rock? This goes for all of the beautiful wildlife in nature. In reality, what looks like a benefit in the moment, is actually a huge threat to not only certain environments or ecosystems, but the whole planet. We have been ruining the planet by leaving our garbage everywhere. This goes from throwing a bottle out our car window to dumping tons of waste into lakes and rivers. While you may say “Well I am not the one dumping waste into rivers.”,...

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...ter choices, you are paid back in the future.
With all the benefits of recycling, I hardly see any reason for you not to start. From saving all the beautiful life on this planet, to getting paid, to increasing your lifespan, there are countless benefits. Not recycling is really just wasting energy, diminishing your health, and wasting energy. You are really just shooting yourself in the foot by choosing not to recycle. Do you want your children or their children to live in a polluted wasteland of a planet? Do you really think it is right to only do what you want to right now rather than what will benefit everyone in the future?

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