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Importance of Role Models Essay

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There are a huge number of people who do not have suitable male, or any, role models to guide them throughout their life, and teach them right from wrong. Having a suitable role model influences who teens hang out with, what kind of life they will lead, and more. Not having one can lead to negative effects and negative outcomes. When asked my question. How does the lack of a male role model or great one, affect a teenager’s social and educational behavior inside and outside of school? I answer we can do more to help.
When young teenagers are exposed to greater violence and crime, than others it becomes natural and part of everyday life. Teens are put under the influence by friends to do the wrong thing and without a role model they do not know better. “Violence and crime was high, and stabbings, muggings, and shootings were common,” (Davis, Hunt, Jenkins, Page; 8). An increase in violence and responsibility to keep kids safe leads to fathers giving up and abandoning their families. This has led to few male role models to teach what was right and wrong. “But we knew the truth; my stepfather had packed his stuff and left,” (Davis, Hunt, Jenkins, Page; 8).With a sudden loss of breadwinner the mothers have to raise their children alone. With the high income gone, many problems are formed, such as shortages of food, clothes, and other rudimentary needs. “I couldn’t do much but worry. There were days when we woke up with not enough food in the house to make a decent meal, and no money to buy more,” (Davis, Hunt, Jenkins, Page; 21). Without money these teenagers end up turning to the streets for aid by selling drugs, stolen cares, and other items. Some even take drugs to find comfort of those many dying around them. “She was fu...

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...rouble and off the streets,”(Black youth must stay in school; 1). Having a good education and staying in school is great for teens to find great role models to help them in their everyday life. These are similar to other families who have also taken in to mentor them. “It’s nice I’ve never had one before. – what a room to yourself.-A bed.”(Hancock; 9). This proves the difficulties young teen in poorer area with no role model came to live in.
To conclude, many young youth still do not have decent role models to help teach them basic lesson to lead a normal everyday life. Many people and programs have proven to be successful in teaching teens on what is right and wrong, and that school is satisfactory, and it is important to get a gratifying education. Together we can encourage young teens without role models to do the right thing and to stand up and help others.

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