Essay on The Importance Of Robbing For A Good Reason

Essay on The Importance Of Robbing For A Good Reason

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A person lives in a third world country where the minimum wage is not enough to provide for his whole family. He decides that stealing money from people on the street is easier than working extra hours. The action of robbing for a good reason is morally bad when analyzed in a Kantian way. It simply cannot be a universal practice, without negative results. on the other hand, if one analyses the issue in a Utilitarian way, the results become a lot more complicated because a great degree of speculation is needed to reach a conclusion, and even then, the conclusion is not definite.
In order to analyze whether this person’s actions are morally correct in a Kantian way, the person reasons whether stealing money from others, in order to bring food to his table, would contradict his duty. The individual wonders if this principle can become universally accepted, and formulates a maxim: the love that I have for my family, and the duties corresponding to me as the head of my family, lead me to steal what belongs to others as I see no other way to provide sufficient goods for my household. If this practice became common knowledge and practiced by everyone, the acknowledgement of others’ property would cease to exist. Moreover, if stealing money from another person, in order to feed your own, became universally practiced, anarchy would break out, and no one would see the point in working for your own goods. Consequently, peace would be lost, for when the respect of others’ rights is disregarded, the peace is disturbed. Therefore, to steal from others in order to feed one’s family opposes one’s moral duty. In other words, in this case the man’s will is not good because he is acting out of inclination, for it is easier to gain money by steali...

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... correct even if it is done with the intention to provide food for your family. The use of the Kantian analysis gives one a more generalized or universal view of this unethical issue. It shows the issue as wrong by thinking of the problems that would come if stealing, for good reasons, was practiced and accepted by society. On the other hand, the use of the utilitarian method gets very complicated for one has to depend on unknown future situations in order to make a moral decision. One has to look closely at the effects that each action causes, as opposed to Kant’s generalized evaluation. Seeing that the first ethical analysis is more systematic, one can infer that by following it’s specific test, the results will be more constant than the second method. Thus, in order to prove if stealing is ethically acceptable, the use of the categorical imperative is preferable.

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