Importance Of Recreational Math By Manil Suri Essay examples

Importance Of Recreational Math By Manil Suri Essay examples

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“How can you identify a single counterfeit penny, slightly lighter than the rest, from a group of nine, in only two weighs?”(Suri, 4) This is an interesting mathematical puzzle which everyone might had played in our childhood. The puzzle was invented by a legendary mathematician Martin Gardner in 1956. Are you wondering that why great mathematicians such as Martin Gardner were still interesting in this kind of recreational math? An editorial written by Manil Suri who is an Indian mathematician expounded the significance of recreational math. He used many examples to explain the importance of recreational math puzzles from different sides. Those math games educated players who had none mathematical background an ability and a logical deductive skill to solve high level mathematical problems. According to his theory, recreational math is not only a kids toys, but it is also a useful tool to introduce people who are struggling in math into the gate of high level mathematics. In this editorial, Manil Suri effectively uses logos and pathos by using strong logic proof to support his specific thesis and provide vivid examples to engage readers’ emotions. However, he does not use ethos as effectively because he does not related himself as a mathematician into the editorial and provide credible sources to support his thesis.
The logos is effectively used in the editorial to support its thesis. Logos is the logic of arguments which makes sense from the readers’ view. A good persuasion must follow some rules which make the thesis relates to the readers’ view. The interesting of math games and the logical similarity between recreational math and advanced mathematics are strong arguments to conclude that, recreational math is important to lead...

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...d stories and rational arguments to elaborate his thesis, but it is still be considers as a less creditable editorial.
Overall, I agree with Manil Suri view about recreational math is important. Interesting and connection to higher level knowledge are significant elements for people to move on higher level academic fields. And the stories he used was emotional encouraged me to keep studying in mathematics by showing me the successful instances. Even I had to do a little research about his background to prove his credibility of talking about mathematics, it makes the editorial slightly less in credibility as a scientific publications. But after reading the editorial, I was deeply He was persuaded by Suri’s view about why recreational math is important, thereby, stimulated a strong interest in studying of recreational math. In conclusion, it is a convictive persuasion.

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