The Importance of Reading Out Loud and Print for Children

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There are many developmentally appropriate practices for young children especially in regards to reading and writing. Reading aloud to children is one of them. Reading out load to children helps with their reading and writing skills but it also helps builds children’s thinking and reason. two domains to literacy that most teachers and parents seem to forget Another appropriate practice is building exposure to and concepts about print. This can be done through big books and by point to individual words. By pointing teachers help children realize that words move the story not pictures. It also allows students to realize that words are read right to left and that words have sounds when combined together. (National Association,1998) To help test a children’s knowledge of print a teacher may take on the practice of small classroom groups. Children who understand print can show off their new found skills and children who have not gained the skill yet can learn through their very own peers. Children also need to enhance their vocabulary. A practice that helps with this is for teachers to select different genres of readings mixed with questions asked before and after the text. Text not only should have different genres but also different types of wring styles formal and informal. Informal writing and informal writing helps build vocab and shows children the difference between writing that a author connects with . (informal) and writing the author does not connect with on a emotional level(formal ) . Different styles , and genres are introduced to preschoolers but it is important that that teachers realize that students at this age do not understand these concepts , however, children do understand that there is in fact differ... ... middle of paper ... ...hings. They begin to like dramatic play. Four year olds like to make special friends. They like to test limits . They tend to have more knowledge then words. At this age they like dramatic play and are more elaborate with it then earlier years. Four year olds begin to multi task. Five your olds shy away from being self-centered and are more willing to be part of a group then being the group. They begin to use big words and define them . Fantasy play at this age is more actioned the verbal. In conclusion, teachers must develop appropriate practices that can help children learn.such as : reading out load and building exposure. They must also use appropriate strategies for metting standards; such as; teacher-determined content and More child initiation and decision making content/ Lastly play and the child’s own chacteristics should help base children learning.

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