Essay about The Importance Of Reading From A Young Age

Essay about The Importance Of Reading From A Young Age

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The famous author Stephen King once stated, “If you don 't have time to read, you don 't have the time (or the tools) to write, “Simple as that.” Even though I began reading from a young age; throughout my young adult life and into adulthood the context in which I read changed dramatically. In addition, because I have never read a novel or any substantial books throughout my life; my recent reading experiences are limited to assigned reading from textbooks in my field of study and production of papers based upon these assigned readings. As a result, I only read currently when assigned academically; has this affected the positive experiences that reading has given me throughout my earlier life?

Undoubtedly, at a very young age reading was an important part of my daily activities and life in a positive way. The earliest memories I have as a child reading is at the age of five when my stepfather, Cain would read the bible with me each day after church or Sunday school. Although reading for me began merely as teachings, throughout the reading process it became a joy to complete. If I was able to learn how to read an entire bible verse, the reward was a trip to the Christian Berrien store, where I was allowed to purchase one item. The main motivation for me to read in the beginning was based on extrinsic motivation, meaning if there was a material reward in the end. However, as time went on the rewards became intrinsic, based on individual knowledge upon realizing my reading abilities had grown tremendously. Thus, reading became easy for me subsequent to this initial introduction to books. I remember feeling excited each time a new Christian book was provided to me to complete. I feel it was a challenge to finish a good book and tru...

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...y age and throughout my life; I would not have the confidence that I posses today in my reading skills. As I mentioned previously reading and reading comprehension is not the primary focus in academics or in my personal life at the moment. However, had I never experienced the encouragement of reading from my parents and teachers, my knowledge of reading would be limited in scope. I attribute my success in reading comprehension achieved in adulthood solely to my enlightening experiences with reading throughout my life span. I plan to continue expanding my reading knowledge despite focusing on only the requirements of academic coursework, to include a variety of personal and academic related nonfiction, fiction, health, and science related books. Reading is a journey that never ends, but is well worth the trek. Thus, I believe I enjoy reading more now than ever before.

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