The Importance Of Reading And Comprehending Information Essay

The Importance Of Reading And Comprehending Information Essay

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Without the ability to read and comprehend information society as we know it would begin to become stagnant and our ability to progress in thought and philosophy would be abated. The gift of reading was given to me at a young age. It began with me being taught to comprehend uncomplicated text and through practice and patience over time evolved into more sophisticated pieces of literature. The importance of reading and comprehending information was instilled in me by mother. Specifically one time she sat me down and explained why she did what she did in regards to having me read and be quizzed on additional material given by her in conjunction to my normal schooling. Her explanation has shaped my literacy experience ever since. She told me that having the ability to process information effectively and being able to apply it practically to your life whether it is for a test in school or for the sake of conversation would allow me to become very successful. She felt that the additional work could only help in achieving those goals and simply didn’t mind having me complete twice the normal amount of work. Undoubtedly she was right. Studies after studies have shown that those who can read and comprehend information effectively tend to be better at writing, communicating with others, and have a stronger sense of focus than those who cannot. That and the fact that she is affirm believer in the notion that practice makes perfect and believed that I could use all of the practice I could reasonably get. Now I feel as though it cannot be stressed enough the enormous benefits and advantages I have received by listening to my mom that day. My capability to read and comprehend a diverse amount of material can be traced back to her essentially...

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...yone at any level but for eight year-old me it completely blew me away. She explained that reading can allow you to live vicariously through different characters in in different novels. That you can go to places in your mind that you never knew existed and can experience things that are impossible in the real world. To this day I can remember the switch going off in my head when my mom explained this idea to me and from that point forward I was hooked on reading.
Ultimately my mom impacted me in an infinite amount of ways. She has done so many positive things for me that have shaped the person I am today. By and large that one simple conversation she had with me on the importance of reading shaped my literary experience permanently. Without her guidance and encouragement I wouldn’t be where I am today in relation to my abilities as a reader and as an overall student.

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