The Importance Of Quantitative Research On Research Data Brings Important Safety Considerations For Researchers

The Importance Of Quantitative Research On Research Data Brings Important Safety Considerations For Researchers

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The collecting, in addition to, the development of quantitative research data brings important safety considerations for researchers. According to Bryman (2006), Quantitative research often require researchers to meet participant’s person to person and discuss personal safety aspects of their areas of work and can require them to work alone at times. From design through analysis and write-up, ensuring the safety of researchers is a crucial consideration that shortens the research process.
It’s important to understand what quantitative research in safety is. Bryman (2006) further explains that Quantitative research is an official and prescribed objective within a systematic process where statistical figures are used to achieve facts. The quantitative research objective is to advance in progress so that to create mathematical models, theories and/or hypotheses pertaining to spectacles and/or occurrences.
Creswell (2008) overview of the three key dimensions of research safety are: physical injuries, emotional damages, and societal tribulations. It goes on to focus on some of the practical steps that individual researchers, managers, and organizations can take to help ensure that researchers work as safely as possible during on and off working hours. Risks in the research process are not mutually exclusive, and are not isolated to particular fields of study. Quantitative methods aim at providing estimations about probabilities, rates and/or severity of consequences.
To put it simply, Creswell (2008) states that quantitative research uses numbers to aid in the understanding of what is happening. Quantitative research uses words and images to support the understanding and more, answer the questions.

Quantitative re...

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... forms, such as proportions or likelihood graphic representation, being that it puts emphasis on using specific apparatuses (Creswell, 2006).
Bryman (2006) recaps that Quantitative risk assessment comes into play when Quantitative research methods, including assessments, analyses and controlled experiments to a specific risk, where risk assessment tools are used to generate a risk rating. The quantitative in quantitative research contains the word quantity; to some degree, what can be calculated. Creswell (2006) sums it up that when it comes to Qualitative research methods, answering questions with words like: when, where, how many and how often is essential to finding answers. Subsequently, quantitative research takes into account, that some research methods, are able to yield solid numbers, and have the availability to transform them into statistics.

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