Essay on Importance Of Quantitative And Qualitative Research

Essay on Importance Of Quantitative And Qualitative Research

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While acting as a teacher, coach, and personal trainer, I have utilized various strategies to enhance the performance of others. In each of those roles, I have especially enjoyed identifying the factor(s) which would aid in individuals’ improvement. I have carried this interest with me, and intend on pursuing a dissertation focused on the topic motivation. As my understanding and passion of the concept has evolved, I have become increasingly invested in identifying strategies administrators can utilize to motivate educators. Throughout this assignment I will refer back to this central idea in order to enhance my explanation of quantitative research.
The differences between quantitative and qualitative research are primarily created by the types of problems you can explore. According to Creswell (2012), quantitative research allows researchers to identify a “problem based on trends in the field or on the need to explain why something occurs” and/or “how variables are related” (p.13). It must be the intention of the researcher to “ask specific, narrow questions to obtain measurable and observable data on variables” (Creswell, 2012, p.14).Therefore, if conducting a quantitative study I could investigate how the number of weekly interactions between an administrator and their faculty can influence subordinate job satisfaction. In contrast, “qualitative research is best suited to address a research problem in which you do not know the variables and need to explore” (Creswell, 2012, p.16). The purposes statements are written to be broad, so “that you can best learn from participants” (Creswell, 2012, p.17). Investigating what an administrator perceived to be their best motivational strategies would be an accurate example of a quali...

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...In conclusion, I feel that the primary limitation of quantitative research is the narrowed focus it provides participants. Though it is beneficial to utilize a data collection tool which speaks specifically to the intended topic it may unintentally force you to overlook another important factor. For example, if I utilized a questionnaire which only examined the number/type of interactions had with adminstrators, I would not be privy to the fact that poor contract negotiations or student behavior were driving teacher job dissatisfaction. Also, I feel that a challenge or limitation of quantitative data is the need for statistical analysis. Regardless of the strength of your data, if interpreted under an incorrect statistical approach the final product may not be accurate. I look forward to learning more about how choose appropriate statistical approaches in this class.

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