Essay about Importance of Quality Leadership

Essay about Importance of Quality Leadership

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Quality leadership is essential today to achieve organizational excellence, stability, and success. According to Blades (2006), a good leader can drive an organization to ultimate success, while a bad leader can potentially run a business into the ground. Quality leaders are good role models that exhibit honorable character, and value an organizations most important asset, which is it’s collection of people that possess different skills, and talents necessary to achieve goals effectively. The intent of this paper is to share a negative leadership experience, and to make recommendations to rectify the negative leadership.
In the position of staff accountant, I worked for an organization in the health care industry. This non-profit organization employs over one hundred and thirty people, and operates with twenty-one different departments. The top leaders of the organization consist of a board of directors, the president, and the chief executive officer. The CEO is valued for his strong experience, and skill in micromanaging people. Top leaders of this organization believe that the micromanaging style of leadership will improve performance, and achieve organization excellence. However, micromanaging has had a very negative effect.
Managers of each department struggle with effectively leading and micromanaging employees. “Micromanaging damages engagement, saps the initiative of even motivated team members, undermines confidence, quashes innovation, and drives way top talent” (Earley, 2009, p. 5). The organization has too many chiefs, and the close monitoring of employees makes them feel discouraged and unimportant, which promotes low productivity. In addition, department managers are bitter because they are overw...

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...mployees. Leaders should focus on the valuable asset of its organization, which is its collection of people that carry out the goals and vision of the organization. Quality leadership begins with an effective leader that leads by example with a strategic focus, and determination that enables them to connect with employees effectively, to build excellence, and to achieve organizational stability, and success.

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