The Importance Of Pursuing Love Is No Different Than Hunting A Deer Essay

The Importance Of Pursuing Love Is No Different Than Hunting A Deer Essay

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Pursuing love is no different than hunting a deer. Both Lovers and hunters chase after something; they both desire success. However, there comes a time where both hunters and lovers do not catch what they are chasing; they must decide whether to give up or not. Sir Thomas Wyatt creates this very moment in Whoso List to Hunt. Within this sonnet, the poet explains the hunt for unrequited love in terms of the speaker hunting a female deer. The sonnet’s tone reveals that the speaker questions whether to give up or not. Furthermore, the poet captures the tension held between the speakers goal to give up on this love and his desire to continue to pursue it . Thomas Wyatt does this by playing around with the English language to create double meanings within his sentences. For instance, the speaker at one point seems so against chasing the deer, however, the sentence structure exposes that the speaker is actually asking for permission to look at the deer. Since the speaker is confused, the reader encounters the certainty in the speaker’s words and the contradictory form they take.
Wyatt recreates the speaker’s feelings of uncertainty and incompleteness over the course of this sonnet. Within the fourteen lines, the speaker releases two different advices to hunters whenever he states “Whoso list to hunt” and “Who list her hunt.” Following these phrases, the speaker explains his situation upon this advice. The speaker informs the audience with certainty in his words; the poet reveals arranges the words to make the speaker sound uncertain. In all, Wyatt uses this form to explain the speaker’s resolution, reveal the speaker’s uncertainty, and ultimately leave the reader immersed in the incomplete sound embedded within these fourteen line.

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... uncertain; has the speaker made the correct decision? Since the poet only captures the speaker in this moment, the audience is left guessing the result. As a result, the incomplete sound of the sonnet transfers to his audience. The reader beings to feel empty, wishing to know more past the limited fourteen lines of this sonnet. Similarly, the speaker wishes to know if he can catch the deer eventually. Now, the reader understands the speaker’s feelings. Furthermore, Wyatt wrote this Petrarchan sonnet to state a problem in the octet and produce an opinion in the sestet. However, the speaker’s opinion that nobody can catch the deer is not a fact. For this reason, this sonnet form feels incomplete; the audience has no idea what to believe. This uncertainty directly correlates to the difficult decision that both lovers and hunters must make when the chase seems futile.

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