Essay on The Importance Of Public Speaking With An Audience

Essay on The Importance Of Public Speaking With An Audience

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Public speaking has never been my strong suit but with some training I managed to improve tremendously. When we first started this class, I dreaded doing speeches – they were a real challenge for me. I used to get a sick feeling when it was my turn to present. After the class, however, I became more confident in my communication, and I relaxed. Even though my nervousness is not even close to being gone, I feel like it has subsided. I attribute my new mindset as to why I improved. My teacher told me to have a discussion with the audience rather than to blurt out information. I took this to heart, and it has been much easier for me to present with that in mind. Now, I see presenting as more of a conversation with an audience – a comfortable setting for me. With my initial fears out of the way, I was able to improve in many other areas – body language, use of the voice, clarity of thought, and approach to professional communication.
Body language, or how you occupy the space around you and use time, came a bit more natural to me. It was not the main thing I needed to work on, but I feel more comfortable with it now going forward. My posture, breath, eye contact, and hand movements benefited.
The exercise where each person had to stand in front of the class and look into everyone 's eyes helped me stand up straighter, and it corrected my posture. I never realized how much I was slouching, especially in my neck area. By being aware of how to stand properly early on, I was able to carry out what I had learned throughout the semester. I saw the importance of being grounded and allowing myself to be seen.
My breathing did not improve much. I did not fully understand how to breath with my stomach from the exercises due to lack of time...

... middle of paper ...

...f to be seen.
In conclusion, I learned a lot that I can utilize in the future. I was not too excited about the class coming in, but it ended up being really beneficial. I always told myself that I should take an acting class and that I would learn a lot from it – this class really solidified that belief. Getting a picture of how to improve is really important and the class showed me how to do that. It teaches the progressions that one can take to become a better presenter – there is always more to learn. I now know of many things that I can improve upon that I never would of thought about before. The biggest contribution that this class offered me was teaching me how to learn. Using the skills and ideas explained in class, I will be able to learn efficiently every time I present for the rest of my life. I will continue to get better, but now I have a path to follow.

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