The Importance Of Public Policy And Innocence Reform Essay

The Importance Of Public Policy And Innocence Reform Essay

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The main topics of this chapter highlight the importance behind public policy and innocence reform, these were identified through various steps. One of the key elements within the chapter is problem identification which is an important step particularly for conditions that are not seen by the general public. This won 't unlikely lead to corrupt official decision makers to enact laws, or even create judicial doctrines, and or modify agency responses. The beginning of the innocence movement and reform agenda what enacted and implemented is the application of DNA science, this began in 1989. Every policy process can be quite complex and have multiple steps and obstacles. Problem identification is complex only because many suffer from bad circumstances but their suffering is not public and identifying that these individuals were wronged are much more difficult. There also is the process of getting problems to the government which requires organization and representation.
Organization is the formation of interest which is based upon groups which draw their support and work for benefiting the cause. Problem identification can be generated by narrow groups such as, business enterprises, which can get the government 's to address issues that are viewed as a problem. Representation is a link between people, their problems, and the government. Furthermore, the steps of policy identification overlap, in regards to aggregation, organization, and representation all have different points regarding the innocent movement. The post-DNA rise lead to pioneering research and academic studied could all sense the importance of factual innocence. In the year of 2000, innocence consciousness had the idea that innocent people were convicted in large numb...

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...tyles that could be carried out in political turf wars, political pressure, or even corruption all can shape how an agenda is carried out.
Evaluation, judging the decision of the governmental process and the various programs this is aimed at different levels. The first level is political which is the distribution of benefits and a policy and your fax of the policy on political parties. The second level is organizational which is based on cost and benefits of each agency. The third level it is substantive which is based on if the program of those all of its goals and that if the program is effective at the problems that it is addressing. To conclude, policy influence can help develop a deeper knowledge, also, influencing the policy process and interacting with others can help further develop policies. Of course, time is needed to develop knowledge as well as funding.

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