Importance Of Provider Coordination And Communication Essay

Importance Of Provider Coordination And Communication Essay

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Week Five
The importance of provider coordination and communication was evident to me throughout this clinical. I had the opportunity to participate in the care of two gentlemen who had both undergone coronary artery bypass grafts four days prior to today. Throughout my day I found the differences in their progression within the recovery process very fascinating, and I believe it heightened my awareness to the importance of patient centered care, as no two patients are alike.
I provided teaching throughout the entire day to one of my patients who had expressed concerns regarding pain medication addiction. I executed the health promotion objective by implementing appropriate teaching and leaning strategies to assist the patient achieve and promote optimal health. As nurses, it is critical that we become comfortable addressing patient-concerns, and I believe this situation increased my comfortability by doing just that. A recent study, titled Addressing Patients ' Concerns about Pain Management and Addiction Risks (2010), discovered that nurses who are either new to their profession or lack self efficacy and confidence are less likely to engage patients in conversations regarding addiction and pain management activities (Goebel et al). Teaching this patient about the risk for addiction, medication scheduling, and alternative pain management strategies was an invaluable opportunity for me.
I also demonstrated the communication objective by effectively communicating with members of the health care team as well as the patient today. The aforementioned patient also struggled with anxiety throughout my clinical day, which exacerbated his fear of pain and addiction, and ultimately prompted me to discuss this with his nurse. Due to my...

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...eve optimal health, I focused both of my nursing notes on the education I provided to my patients today.
Lastly, the importance of critical thinking was evident to while deciding which medications to give or hold today. Critical assessment of my patient’s blood pressure, urinary output, and lab values was needed throughout my day due to the medications he was ordered. Based on his vital signs several medications were held, and due to his lab values I was required to request that the potassium protocol be reinitiated.
After reflecting on previous journal entries from weeks prior, I believe great strides have been made in my nursing practice. This reflective journal has allowed me to review all the care that I have provided, the significant volume of knowledge I have gained, and has allowed me to acknowledge the progress I have been made throughout this semester.

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