The Importance of Proper Stretching Techniques Essays

The Importance of Proper Stretching Techniques Essays

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Ouch!! That maybe the sound of someone who has started a workout routine without properly stretching or because they just haven’t stretched at all and are in deep pain from just sitting around all-day. To become an elite athlete or even just a healthier person it is important that you do correct stretching techniques. Stretching is very important for the human body; stretching is a major part of people’s lives and they don’t even know it because they pay little attention to it. Stretching properly can make the lives of athletes and even nonathletic people a lot better. “Stretching should always be thought of as an exercise to be performed on a regular basis, scheduled at times other than directly before an exercise session, practice or game. Stretching can be performed after an exercise as part of your cool-down routine, or can be done at other times during the day that are unrelated to exercise or physical activity.”(Sherwood) The proper stretching tactics, it can help with your flexibility, your range of movement, and also the blood circulation.
It doesn’t take long to lose your flexibility but it can take even longer to win it back so if you want to keep your muscles feeling new and young, make stretching part of your daily routine. Stretching can help improve flexibility, and, range of movement in your joints. As you get older, your muscles naturally lose the strength and mass and can become less flexible and cause it to be stiffer. It is important to have your muscles in good condition to gain the flexibility it needs to prevent injury. Being flexible is beneficial for everyday life; it allows you to push your body beyond the comfort zone it is use to, causing it to increase your overall physical ability.” There are many rea...

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...eneficial to a person life it can be therapy on your own time to do it and you can do it for just 15 minutes without leaving your house and you’re making your life a lot better by doing the correct and proper stretching techniques. Stretching is very important to an athlete or even a nonathletic person because it helps you with things you’re not even sure about. Stretching takes your body to a whole different level and can enhance your body like never before, when stretching it can relax you and can prevent you from having pain shocks in your body. Stretching helps you with your blood circulation which is very important to you to living longer, it helps you with your range of movement which is key to moving your joints properly, and last but not least stretching is very important for flexibility so that when you move in an awkward position it won’t hurt you as bad.

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